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here’s something brutal and heartwarming about standing on the border of change. The kind of change that doesn’t feel like what it is—a process—but that comes at you blue-flamed and pure and in an instant. It’s the mother of unswerving outcome, it’s the pressurized fuzz of melancholia, and on its bladed, neon line, you’ve got to make one decision, one exit, one betrayal, one permission. You’re the bubble-headed explorer who may or may not have a hole in his suit and you’re taking that step over, or you’re not.

A Gap Between synthesizes this exact toggle, in both its false suddenness and uncomfortable inevitability, and he distills it into something hopeful and beautiful. His sound is down to its last cent, yet, full-up. It’s the score to breaching the colossal and living. You’re exiting a flaming building, the glass of your helmet sooty. Your body, indestructible, is clad head to toe in black leather. You can’t see an inch in front of you, but who cares? This is the soundtrack to that brush-with-death departure; sexy, calm, terrified, matte black and smelling of hot animal skin. You’re quiet and still and ready; you’re listening.

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A Gap Between - Summer Night-Runner Summer Night-Runner (EP)
(coming Summer 2011)
Nueva Forma 2011

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