Eraserhead Meditating / Design by: DLC

I’ve always been a fan of David Lynch. From his films to his artwork and photography, he is truly an original. Blue Velvet had such an impact on me I remember almost every detail about the whole night. I remember how everything looked different afterward. How everything was different. I was hooked. Eraserhead and Blue Velvet became the bible for me and my friends. Naturally Dune and The Elephant Man were in rotation as well and when Twin Peaks happened I was the happiest person in the world. David Lynch has a TV show? Are you kidding me? It was an exciting time.

Maybe it’s the release of the ‘Gold’ edition of Twin Peaks or his recent work Inland Empire, but I have been experiencing a new interest in the man. I had been a while since I had checked out Lynch on the web and I was more than happy to find him hard at work on various enterprises ranging from photography to selling coffee of all things.

David Lynch has always kept a low profile so fans have always had to speculate on the man, his methods, and maybe even his madness? In the early days all we had to go on were a few cameos and the random interview. I’ve always wondered what kind of person he really was but I also know from experience that sometimes it’s better to separate the art from the artist. At least if you want to avoid finding out your favorite artist is a total asshole.

I suppose that’s why I was so happy, and then a little perplexed, and then happy again to find David Lynch spending his personal time and resources on spreading the word about Transcendental Meditation. He has apparently been practicing the art of over thirty years and now through his David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace, is taking the message of its benefits to schools.

Go figure. The man who has given us some of the most twisted cinema of our age is a secret hippy. And he like kids. And wants world peace. I guess the owls really aren’t what they seem.

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