Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

Episode 8, curated by Wolfe+585 comes right at the tailend of July, a month that saw two new releases, a single from Hello Square, and a full-length album from iameb 57. One of our favorite iameb 57 tracks from the Tipsy Hax album is featured on the mix, and it also includes songs from both Masmöd and Miori (one old, and one new). We hope that these sounds accompany you from the remaining days of this month to the next.

No. Track Title Artist
01 Ghetto Blaster Nueva Forma
02 Sun Geskia
03 Airport Aneek
04 Boson The Stringed Theory
05 Energy is for Henrik Henrik José
06 Bilocation Mike Kidd
07 Transit Map Masmöd
08 Imprisoned Memories Nueva Forma
09 Experimental Goddes Geskia
10 Orangle Balloon Chromatic Flights
11 Feisar Miori
12 You Again James Figurine
13 Magnis Drip iameb 57
14 Febrero (mar de valencia mix) Malota/Engine7
15 Us Nosaj Thing
16 All is Well Nueva Forma
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