Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

As a temporary farewell to summer, we bring you our 9th installment of Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures curated by A Gap Between.

We’ve also made four tracks available as free downloads. Click on the download links in the tracklisting to get your tunes courtesy of A Gap Between, The Bear & The Sea, and Miori.

No. Track Title Artist
01 A Series of Vibrations Nueva Forma
02 Rapier Miori
03 Dienyddio Airliner
04 Human Loop
[ download track ]
The Bear & The Sea
05 Syncopated (Miori Remix)
[ download track ]
Boy Eats Drum Machine
06 It’s a Beautiful Day in the Ari Worlds Péninsolar
07 Glamour City
[ download track ]
A Gap Between
08 Bear Auras Cosmic Sound
09 Avalanche Blackbird Blackbird
10 Half Dreaming Reprise CFCF
11 Keep America Beautiful Nueva Forma
12 Bonfire
[ download track ]
A Gap Between
13 Black Swans Datahowler
14 Always Away Boat Club
15 Real Life Tanlines
16 Cynthia Millionyoung
17 Pure Blackbird Blackbird
18 Soak It Up Houses
19 We’ll Return Nueva Forma
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