Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures (Photo credits: Damon Sheeley)

The Bear and The Sea - Drinking Diamonds feat. Joel Swensen

Del Dot - Droid Crusher

The Bear and The Sea closes out the year in style with episode 12 of Listening Pleasures, a mix that could easily be on par with summer, but has all the fixings of a winter wonderland, too. Included are free downloads of Drinking Diamonds, a Bear and The Sea exclusive featuring the gorgeous vocals of Joel Swensen, and Droid Crusher, a title and cut that might be apt for a modern 8-bit video game, brought to you from our newest artist, Del Dot. And if you just can’t get enough of The Bear this month, download his instrumental reinterpretation of Silent Night, a synth-y cover that even the Grinch would dig. As always, we hope you enjoy the tunes. Have the happiest of holidays, and see you all in 2011!

No. Track Title Artist
01 We’re Going on a Journey Nueva Forma
02 Friend [Lover] Evenings
03 Further Than Ice Cream Social
04 See On See (Pixelord Remix) Pixelord
05 Where is the Problem? Dunian
06 Pop Song Baths
07 Tijuana Roads & Boats
08 Pillow Talk Party Girl
09 White City Letna
10 A Wonderful Place to Visit Nueva Forma
11 Drinking Diamonds feat. Joel Swensen
[ Download Track ]
The Bear and The Sea
12 Shoulder to Hand Helios
13 Ettertid Pers
14 The Everywhere Air Ochre
15 (B) Ramon Tim Koch
16 Droid Crusher
[ Download track ]
Del Dot
17 Hoeschst Skyline Redpoint
18 Home Again Nueva Forma
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