Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

A Gap Between - Neon Signs

Blackbird Blackbird - Hawaii (The Bear and The Sea remix)

Episode 13, promised two days ago, arrives a wee bit late, but hopefully the lovely tunes will make up for our tardiness, and not to mention, the two awesome free tracks by A Gap Between and The Bear and The Sea. Things have been crazy here this month, albeit a productive kind of crazy, and that’s the way we like it, for the most part. It’s probably why Wolfe+585 opted for the kind of mix that one could most certainly relax to (and sometimes even dance to), all of which could be described as a sort of squishy, nostalgic bliss.

No. Track Title Artist
01 You Don’t Emit Energy Nueva Forma
02 Platypus, Yo The Bear and The Sea
03 Neon Signs
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A Gap Between
04 Deuxentun Recue
05 Letropa Pinscape
06 Midi Drift Games
07 Bored Games Wild Nothing
08 Oooh, Ah, Oooh Ah Nueva Forma
09 Hawaii (The Bear and The Sea remix)
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Blackbird Blackbird
10 Night Owl Stephen Farris
11 Sands Strutting to the Oceanic Call Pèninsolar
12 Phon Del Dot
13 Low Rate Ebbing D-Fried
14 Run Out Memory Tapes
15 Dunes Persona La Ave
16 Kompa The Abbasi Brothers
17 That Wasn’t Very Clever Nueva Forma
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