Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

Listening Pleasures Episode 16 has finally arrived. Curated by our very own iameb 57, episode 16 promises to be a very energetic and glitchy party mix. And with summer just around the bend, we thought that it would be appropriate to really get the party started. So dial up that Meyer sound system, and blast your neighbors ’til kingdom come. The party starts now.

No. Track Title Artist
01 The Purpose Of A Party Nueva Forma
02 Cheated LOFI [Amenorea] iameb 57
03 xt10.20zp9 [Illphabetik] Access to Arasaka
04 Pay For What [Bedroom Research] Himuro
05 krupp [Chillosphy Music] Kritical Audio
06 Threety-Thir [NON-Label] Autemu
07 roke nip [Amenorea] iameb 57
08 Shedd View [Nueva Forma] Del Dot
09 ripriotrah [Crazy Language] Ralp
10 Polygon Pusher (iameb 57 Remix) [Nueva Forma] Masmöd
11 Fun Together Nueva Forma
12 Berr [Nueva Forma] Creta
13 Humor Me (Short Edit) [Nueva Forma] Lapse
14 versuch8 [NON LABEL] Abreaktor
15 Picture Of Me [Section 27] Ysik
16 Pappon [Bedroom Research] Mormo
17 Lake Winnibigoshish 3 [Amenorea] Krakenti
18 insten [Envsiagae] Nukua
19 Thank Your Host For The Good Time Nueva Forma
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