iameb 57 - Delicate Glitch (EP)

A glitch at its most basic is an intrusion into expectation. Such is the world of iameb 57’s sophomore release for Nueva Forma, Delicate Glitch. At once hard and biting, soft and lush, dark and impenetrable, bucolic and bright, the five-track EP is as intricate as its name suggests. These are the stylings of Jimmy Batista, who works brilliantly in the world of contrast. At the core of each track is a head-bobbing mid-tempo dance pulse perfect for late night summer mixes; the pads are luscious, the bass tones warm and inviting. Built on this is a precise balance of urban static, post-digital glitch, and minimalist melody that holds a cracked mirror up to the cuts he produces.

As we expected from his music after the release of Tipsy Hax last August, iameb 57 has become an intriguing writer of melodies. His skeletal leads leave much to the imagination, a fair accomplishment considering the ability of digital artists to become omnipotent over-writers. Check out the emotive sparsity of the strings on “Thelpwe” to hear how much he can say with so little.

Batista in general has a more concise approach to style in this offering. Where Tipsy Hax was more sprawling as he explored every color and option of the IDM idiom, he is here dialing into a recipe of composing that suits him well. He has distilled himself into an intimidating potency on Delicate Glitch, and this twenty minutes of bliss bodes well for his followers.

You can purchase the album exclusively on Nueva Forma’s Bandcamp.

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