Free EP: Everything is Everything
August 23rd, 2011 by Nueva Forma™

The Bear & The Sea

The Bear & The Sea - Everything is Everything

Several months ago, Damon Sheeley of The Bear and the Sea started his remix of Common’s ‘I Used to Love H.E.R.‘ with the intention of slowly accumulating and releasing a handful of selected remixes as a free release; sort of a tribute to hip hop through his hazy musical filter. So here it is, Everything is Everything, after several months of late nights and drowsy sessions. Enjoy the free download!

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Listening Pleasures Episode 17
August 12th, 2011 by Nueva Forma™

Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

It’s been a little while since the last Listening Pleasures as we’ve been gearing up for our second volume of our label compilation, Nueva Forma Social Club. This episode of listening pleasures is definitely an ode to our love of hip hop, grime, heavy beats, warm bass, and a nostalgic backdrop that’s a perfect soundtrack to the remainder of this beautiful summer. And with some wonderfully bucolic and nostalgic beats from The Bear & The Sea, A Gap Between, and Masmöd, along with some beautiful gems from Datahowler, Galapagoose, Big Spider’s Back, and a plethora of others, you’re sure to enjoy the hell outta this episode. So cue up your stereo, and bump some Listening Pleasures from here to the coast.

No. Track Title Artist
01 Let’s Take A Trip Nueva Forma
02 I Used To Love H.E.R. (The Bear & The Sea Remix) [Nueva Forma] Common Sense
03 Midnight Sun Galapagoose
04 De Platicas Incompletas Beatcasso
05 Neon Beams (Dibiase Remix) Take
06 Minus 613 OL
07 Senorita Actress
08 Half Empty Futuristic
09 Fall In Love (Chief Remix) Slum Village
10 A River Entered The Classroom Nueva Forma
11 Blaster [Nueva Forma] A Gap Between
12 Fleur Sepalcure
13 Prophet Datahowler
14 R.I.P. Robin The Cat Cosmic Sound (Stephen Farris)
15 Laughing Stock [Nueva Forma] Masmöd
16 Ode To Bear Mount Kimbie
17 Rooney In Space Solderboy
18 Mind Grapes [Circle Into Square] Big Spider’s Back
19 Run Up To Canada Nueva Forma
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