Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

Arriving with Episode 18 of Listening Pleasures, Miori presents us with an eclectic but refreshingly uncomplicated mix of his recent synth pop and downtempo inspirations. Blending obscure talent and close colleagues with seasoned and established artists, this mix glides high above the noise and the clatter, providing you with the perfect autumnal transition into the winter months. Woody opens up during a hypnotic trance, Dandelion Council floats your speakers, and the Little Dragon Remix is sexy as hell.

No. Track Title Artist
01 Your Cooking is Terrible Nueva Forma
02 Days Creep
03 Caves (Teebs remix) Nosaj Thing
04 Into the Sea, Into the Wood (Drexon Field remix) The Dandelion Council
05 Heart is Strange (Active Child remix) School of Seven Bells
06 Flood Miori
07 People Down the Block Nueva Forma
08 Loose Tights (Com Truise Tight Pants remix) Hussle Club
09 Gated Buildings Supersprite
10 Feather (Fromwood remix) Little Dragon
11 Cold Tenderness (Need for Mirrors 130 remix) Unquote
12 Song of Los (Mogwai remix) Apparat
13 The Meaning of Life Nueva Forma
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