Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

Listening Pleasures episode 19 has arrived just in time for your mid-autumn adventures. Curated by The Bear and The Sea, this mix promises to be a journey in sound, bouncing all over a beat driven, retro sci-fi landscape. When asked what his inspiration was for this month’s mix, the Bear’s reply was that it was fueled by many sleepless nights of watching ’80s cinema and Star Trek: TNG.

No. Track Title Artist
01 Gravity Reversal Nueva Forma
02 Phosphorescence Stephen Farris
03 Wistful Algae Break The Bear and The Sea
04 Show Me Love Little Star Dweller
05 Megazone Big Spider’s Back
06 Traveling People AEED
07 Teal Trim (Edit) Mux Mool
08 Glow Monokle
09 Pickles? Nueva Forma
10 Palm Ave Audiosynthes
11 Ravaged Skies Mitch Murder
12 I’m On J. Carter
13 Welcome to Lunar Industries The Bear and The Sea
14 Beach Shelter Heathered Pearls
15 Company For Us Kyson
16 Trouble B.Lewis
17 Lazlo Nueva Forma
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Podcast: Download (79.7 MB) 55:30

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