Listening Pleasures Episode 22
November 29th, 2012 by Nueva Forma™
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Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

With the winter holidays upon us, and our priorities filling up fast, it’s times like these when a dose of Listening Pleasures hits the spot just right. Reigning in at episode #22, curated by our very own A Gap Between, this episode of Listening Pleasures is sure to act as a wonderful companion when trudging the dregs of the perpetuated holiday mayhem. So whether you’re looking forward to a family gathering of mormon-sized proportions, or you’re spending it alone with your favorite feline fluff-paw, we’re certain you’ll appreciate all the work put into this episode. So sit back, relax, and take in what’s left of this year with ease, accompanied by a soundtrack garnered to make you sweat in any winter wonderland.

No. Track Title Artist
01 Brought to you by Nueva Forma Nueva Forma
02 Fashion Show (Mitch Murder cover) Mr. T
03 It Was Never Meant To Be This Way (Games remix) CFCF
04 Post Physical (Little Star Dweller remix) Pictureplane
05 The Girl’s Got Angel Wings (Chromatic Dream remix) The Bear & The Sea
06 Cruel Summer Nightheat
07 Secret Diary (Elektro-Boy VHS remix) College
08 Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Datahowler mashup) Busta Rhymes
09 Deep Into The Night Nueva Forma
10 Love Is Cézaire
11 Break Inside Ford & Lopatin
12 Sensual Seduction (A Gap Between remix) Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion)
13 FLYTE Dreams
14 Moonlit Car Chase NZCA
15 Come Alive In Me (Chromatic Dream remix) Playground
16 Laser to Laser Oneohtrix Point Never
17 Say Goodbye Nueva Forma
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The Bear and The Sea – The Girl’s Got Angel Wings
November 28th, 2012 by Nueva Forma™

The Bear and The Sea – The Girl’s Got Angel Wings

It’s bleary. The air’s thick as soup and every breath is heavier than the last; more ghostly than gusty, yet still the very stuff of life.

The Bear and the Sea’s debut single with Nueva Forma, The Girl’s Got Angel Wings, is the compressed soundtrack to taking a preternatural drive through Twin Peaks, Washington on any given night in history – you’re destined for trouble and the temper of the atmosphere is almost too right to bear.

It’s all romance and piano keys, overspreading fog and red roses in glass vases. In this moment, you realize that the Earth could stop bearing and sustaining your every need. It’s exhilarating. And then you’re just fumes, a tiny speck of familiar yellow in the distance. Until you hit repeat.

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Gouseion – Puisne
November 1st, 2012 by Nueva Forma™

Gouseion – Puisne

There exists a crunchy netherworld of whipping hips and closed eyes; there exists a shuddering whirlpool where hard living begs for a badly behaved soundtrack, where aggressive contraptions nag at the frayed edges of nature.

Puisne, Gouseion’s first release with Nueva Forma, doesn’t bother with the scenery of things. Like a noisy companion who likes things a certain way and operates as a remote soldier with one thing in mind, Gouseion comes from a place of inner quiet – but it’s bloody insane on the outside.

Pirony really sets the whole thing off with a windshield wiper powerhouse jam that’s as consistent and metrical as you like it. It all starts with the jagged chomp of the bass and spreads like an infection into the audio context. Three tracks later, Turing Test loosens the screws a bit and knocks it all down a few notches, but doesn’t let go of a thing.

All in all, there are sweet moments of slow recoil and deep breaths of nasty, pulverized darkness in here. Stagger reminds you that your heart’s still beating and that there is a way out, a way back into the fold where the familiar will always remind you that you’re human. Then it’s all popping circuits and touches of brutal melody from there until EOD (II) fades out into a dark and gentle reprieve.

We think Gouseion is trying to tell us that there’s something lesser yet totally scintillating behind the natural world – innocence be damned. Puisne hails weakness, both as a flaw and an openness, and we all need to hear what that sounds like every now and then – however it is we choose to hear it.

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