Trees Like You

Mark your calendars: on February 5th, The Bear and The Sea debuts his full-length album, Trees Like You. It will be available via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, Deezer, and XBOX Music. In the meantime, stream a few tracks from the release!

About the release:

Trees Like You, clocking in at a sharpened and stirring 12 tracks, is The Bear and the Sea’s debut full-length album. If you’re a start from the top kind of listener, you’ll join in at My Fire Burns The Same, a chirping, wind chime of an introduction into an earthy, blustering soundscape of pneumatic yet skintight gratification.

Crystal Swords will only surprise you a little bit with its pop and lock gusto, its sway/sway tap tap tap, because even in the whisper quiet spots, the Bear has you in motion.

These tracks are titled like the Galápagos Islands under the Northern Lights at a virtual reality party where hours later, you still find grains of sand between your toes. Human Loop hits an exotic yet square place in your gut that’ll have your freewheeling head doing figure 8s, and Pink Route warps itself around a guttural heartbeat while clacking away at something you want to hear again and again.

And just like that, in a mournful yet ritualistically tidal fashion, it’s over. While tricky to place in context, Trees Like You is a lot like its title, the leafy and fleshy stuff of our very existence – you need it in your lives.

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