Listening Pleasures Bonuscast No. 1
February 25th, 2013 by Nueva Forma™

Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures Bonuscast No. 1

Recently, The Bear And The Sea made an 8tracks mix (now featured on the home page of the 8tracks!) called Retronautilus, described as “[a] mix of refined pleasures [i]nspired by the moonlit, foggy coastline along Highway 101 and beamed straight into the tape deck of your 1981 Ferrari 308.” In response to its warm reception, The Bear decided to expand the mix with additional tracks and samples and turn it into what we’ve coined a Bonuscast — an additional mix thrown in alongside our monthly Listening Pleasures. We hope you dig it. (And be on the lookout for episode 24 curated by IG88 later this week!)

No. Track Title Artist
01 Mongoloid Nueva Forma
02 Siren of the Sea Johanna D’Armagnac
03 Gradient Hues STARFORCE
04 Daughter Nueva Forma
05 Daybreak Mitch Murder
06 Exception Andreas Lonardoni
07 Pickles Nueva Forma
08 Olympus One Francis Rimbert
09 The Great Escape Tommy
10 Conundrum Astral Sounds
11 Deep Nueva Forma
12 Olympia 2011 Groundislava
13 Fat Cats Andy Clark
14 Zero Nueva Forma
15 On The Beach 813
16 The Driver’s Anthem Catacombkid
17 Theoretically Nueva Forma
18 Love On A Real Train (Betamaxx Remix) Tangerine Dream
19 Emotion Stellar Dreams
20 Soft Lights Phil Davies
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The Bear & The Sea – Trees Like You
February 15th, 2013 by Nueva Forma™
The Bear & The Sea - Trees Like You

The Bear & The Sea – Trees Like You

Trees Like You, clocking in at a sharpened and stirring 12 tracks, is The Bear and the Sea‘s debut full-length album. If you’re a start from the top kind of listener, you’ll join in at “My Fire Burns The Same”, a chirping, wind chime of an introduction into an earthy, blustering soundscape of pneumatic yet skintight gratification.

“Crystal Swords” will only surprise you a little bit with its pop and lock gusto, its sway/sway tap tap tap, because even in the whisper quiet spots, the Bear has you in motion.

These tracks are titled like the Galápagos Islands under the Northern Lights at a virtual reality party where hours later, you still find grains of sand between your toes. “Human Loop” hits an exotic yet square place in your gut that’ll have your freewheeling head doing figure 8s, and “Pink Route” warps itself around a guttural heartbeat while clacking away at something you want to hear again and again.

And just like that, in a mournful yet ritualistically tidal fashion, it’s over. While tricky to place in context, Trees Like You is a lot like its title, the leafy and fleshy stuff of our very existence – you need it in your lives.

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