A Gap Between – Summer Nightrunner
March 25th, 2014 by Nueva Forma™

A Gap Between

Cassette tape

Cassette tape

Cassette tape

A Gap Between’s 10-song album, Summer Nightrunner, bursts forth in that refeshing, I’ve-never-felt-so-alive kinda way, yet it’s also a stripped down, chillwave, honey-sweet nostalgic dream that’ll get you through it.

The titular track soaks you from second one with shimmering synth layered atop a filthy, anchor swallowing deepness that you’ll only find your way out of by letting the gentle lull of its breathy, hiccuping vocals pop you back up into a sexy little snagging beat that’ll definitely tempt your feet and seduce you into hitting repeat. Loved You The Most is a stormy, lonesome jam for those indulgent nights in, with or without someone.

A condensed, glamour-stricken ode to the sun, the moon, and the neon, Nightrunner has that slick 80s sleaze we all not-so-secretly pine for combined with a completely fresh and cunningly atmospheric reverence. It’s like diving into a silvery blot of minnows in your last naked summer, while simultaneously reliving the best skinny-dip of your adult life.

Wander, work, make love or other stuff, tear it up—Summer Nightrunner rolls with you in the before and after, because no matter how or where you’re headed, these songs feel like a summer night and are meant to stick with you.

A Gap Between – Summer Nightrunner Promo Spot #1
January 7th, 2014 by Nueva Forma™

A Gap Between Promo Spot #1

We’re excited to launch this promotional time-lapse video spot for the forthcoming album release by A Gap Between. Mark your calendars, January 21st: Summer Nightrunner.


Listening Pleasures Episode 26
January 1st, 2014 by Nueva Forma™

Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

As we reign in the new year, we’ve decided to publish this special edition of Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures. These audible moments of reflection are packed full of fleeting memories. 2013, the year of the snake. We shed our past, as we make room to embark on new adventures, taking new risks, and braving new obstacles, all while embracing our impermanence. Nothing lasts forever. Good or bad. But we can sure as hell leave an impact. Happy New Year, from all of us, to all of you.

No. Track Title Artist
01 Brought to you by Nueva Forma Nueva Forma
02 Feel Real Deptford Goth
03 Long Lost (feat. Active Child) Classixx
04 F For You (Onra Remix) Disclosure
05 Rose Quartz Toro Y Moi
06 5785021 Jessy Lanza
07 Angel Inc.
08 Warm Waters (Figgy Remix) Banks
09 Epitome[JostLike] Knx
10 Jacquard Causeway Boards of Canada
11 Form by Firelight Jon Hopkins
12 Midnight Drive Still Corners
13 Julian Say Lou Lou
14 Fifteen (feat. Chela) Goldroom
15 Atlantis Postiljonen
16 Perpetual Surrender DIANA
17 Without You (feat. Kerry Leatham) Lapalux
18 Water Me FKA Twigs
19 Chrome Country Oneohtrix Point Never
20 Amenamy (Jon Hopkins Remix) Purity Ring
21 Paranoia (Nosaj Thing Remix) Chance the Rapper
22 Missing Things Kyson
23 I Miss You More (feat. Atu) Ta-ku
24 Midnight Sun Tinashe
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Podcast: Download (173 MB) 1:34:47

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Beach Shelter (The Bear & The Sea remix)
December 13th, 2013 by Nueva Forma™
Beach Shelter (The Bear & The Sea remix artwork)

Beach Shelter (The Bear & The Sea remix artwork)


This take on Heathered Pearls’ Beach Shelter by The Bear & The Sea has got all the elements that you’ve come to love and know by the bear, but also an eerily familiar narrative that’s reminiscent of ’80s sci-fi movies. You know, that turning point in the movie where the protagonist regains their sense of self-worth and confidence, and they concoct the most ridiculously farfetched plan, that would absolutely not work in any real life situation, but, you know, because it’s the ’80s, it’s gonna work inflatable water slide. And with some motivation from Heathered Pearls and The Bear, you know that’s a formula for success in any endeavor. Enjoy!

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Listening Pleasures Episode 25
November 26th, 2013 by Nueva Forma™

Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

Our dear friend Jon Cox of WILDABOUTNOTHIN’ stepped up for episode 25 of Listening Pleasures, and despite it being a shy over half an hour, the emotional content more than makes up for it. It’s quite a bit different than many of our previous episodes, but Jon’s perfect blend of samples and cohesive song-mixing makes the entire thirtysome-minute experience feel like one beautiful song that ends much too soon.

No. Track Title Artist
01 Brought to you by Nueva Forma Nueva Forma
02 Bounce Brasstronaut
03 Childhood, Born to Be a Servant Daniel Half
04 Renamed Tim Crabtree
05 For Heavens Sake Richie Havens
06 I Drive Cliff Martinez
07 All You Need Is A Wall The Books
08 Wish You Were Tim Crabtree
09 Sileo Rhian Sheehan
10 Releasing Willits + Sakamoto
11 The Upper Sky Rhian Sheehan
12 A Subtle Separation (feat. Jenni Potts) IG88
13 Rose Madder Debs McCoy
14 Capa Meets The Sun (To Heal) Underworld
15 Coahuila (The Fun Years Remix) Balmorhea
16 Sa Sa Samoa Korallreven
17 Bowsprit Balmorhea
18 Shotgun Valerie June
19 Reckoner (version) Radiohead
20 Beyond These Skies Oöphoi
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Podcast: Download (118 MB) 32:52

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New Release: Dead Astronauts EP
October 22nd, 2013 by Nueva Forma™

Dead Astronauts

Watch out, girl; Dead Astronauts are honest. They tell you like it is. Things like you don’t yet realize the destructive nature of love, the fires spreading everywhere, and your bones have left you with no one to hold. Oh, and also, stars explode. Their music is basically an icy cold hug of wisdom best consumed as a vampire smothering aid.

This is DA’s freshman release on Nueva Forma; a reverent and true 80s inspired EP of eight lo-fi new wave tracks, four of which are Perturbator’s retrofuturistic synth remixes – reinventions, really – of the first four tracks. For instance, the original B-side track is a faux-haunting, melodramatic sort of dead-eyed sleepy jam. Pertubators’s remix has this sexy, swelling, cosmic void vibe. Two wild sides of the same righteous coin, if you ask us, so do yourself a solid and flip it. And just try not to notice Glenn Arthur’s morbid-galactic album artwork while you’re at it.

Get the album on Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and more.

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Join us for Kontrast at Disjecta on Oct. 10th
October 3rd, 2013 by Nueva Forma™

Kontrast at Disjecta on Oct. 10th

Join us on October 10th, 2013 for a mini-installment of Kontrast at DISJECTA as part of Design Week Portland, a platform that explores the process, craft, and practice of design across disciplines as seen through the lens of Portland’s most vibrant independent programming. The event will be kicking off with a reel review in partnership with AE PDX + Colorcubic at 6 PM, then Kontrast will begin at 8:30 and last until 10ish (or until we get booted out).

Complimentary drinks and food provided at event.

Kontrast is a Colorcubic & Nueva Forma-curated audiovisual event and creative social mixer; a chance for contemporary performance to move away from typical clubs and into more eclectic and ornate settings where the artistry of the medium can be better explored and appreciated.

==== LINEUP ====
8:30 PM – DJ Honeydripper
9:00 PM – The Bear and The Sea
9:30 PM – _wndfrm
10:00 PM – DJ Honeydripper

Live visuals + interactive installation provided by Colorcubic and Momo the Monster.

$5 (at door or through Eventbrite: https://demoreel.eventbrite.com)

For more info, visit http://kontrastevent.com


  • 52 LTD
  • 3D PDX
  • 3DV

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Tidalkast #9
September 23rd, 2013 by Nueva Forma™

Tidalkast #9

The Bear And The Sea has just released a new Tidalkast episode which includes a new track from his forthcoming sophomore release out in late October. It also features a gorgeous remix by IG88, and goodness from Manfred, the solo project of Hayley Stewart, the other half of Dead Astronauts. In the meantime, sink your ears into this.

Autumn. The smell of warm campfire permeates the moist air as we make our way through the dimly lit trees. The sound of the rain begins to form a rhythm of it’s own as it gently beats against the leaves and branches, with each droplet forming an intricate pattern that our hearts cannot deny.

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IG88 – You
September 22nd, 2013 by Nueva Forma™

IG88 – You

The ever-prolific IG88 has just leaked a new track that hints at his new album’s direction.

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