Gouseion – Puisne
November 1st, 2012 by Nueva Forma™

Gouseion – Puisne

There exists a crunchy netherworld of whipping hips and closed eyes; there exists a shuddering whirlpool where hard living begs for a badly behaved soundtrack, where aggressive contraptions nag at the frayed edges of nature.

Puisne, Gouseion’s first release with Nueva Forma, doesn’t bother with the scenery of things. Like a noisy companion who likes things a certain way and operates as a remote soldier with one thing in mind, Gouseion comes from a place of inner quiet – but it’s bloody insane on the outside.

Pirony really sets the whole thing off with a windshield wiper powerhouse jam that’s as consistent and metrical as you like it. It all starts with the jagged chomp of the bass and spreads like an infection into the audio context. Three tracks later, Turing Test loosens the screws a bit and knocks it all down a few notches, but doesn’t let go of a thing.

All in all, there are sweet moments of slow recoil and deep breaths of nasty, pulverized darkness in here. Stagger reminds you that your heart’s still beating and that there is a way out, a way back into the fold where the familiar will always remind you that you’re human. Then it’s all popping circuits and touches of brutal melody from there until EOD (II) fades out into a dark and gentle reprieve.

We think Gouseion is trying to tell us that there’s something lesser yet totally scintillating behind the natural world – innocence be damned. Puisne hails weakness, both as a flaw and an openness, and we all need to hear what that sounds like every now and then – however it is we choose to hear it.

Nueva Forma Social Club Volume 1
October 29th, 2012 by Nueva Forma™
Nueva Forma - Social Club: Volume 1

Nueva Forma – Social Club: Volume 1

Nueva Forma - Social Club: Volume 1

Nueva Forma – Social Club: Volume 1

Nueva Forma - Social Club: Volume 1

Nueva Forma – Social Club: Volume 1

Yeah, cassette tapes are cool and charming and nostalgic and all that, but here at Nueva Forma, we’re all about the future. So we’re releasing a limited edition walnut wood-block USB compilation with a lose-proof matching magnetic cap and laser engraved logo.

Featuring artists such as: The Bear and The Sea, A Gap Between, IG88, Gouseion, Little Star Dweller, Dead Astronauts, Cars and Trains, The Great Mundane, Datahowler, Pinscape, Recue, and more, these babies not only look good, they sound even better.

Gouseion – Promotional Video Spot
September 11th, 2012 by Nueva Forma™
Gouseion promotiona video spot

Gouseion promotional video spot

Gouseion promotiona video spot

Gouseion promotional video spot

Gouseion promotional video spot

Gouseion promotional video spot

So we’ve got some pretty exciting news to announce. Quite a lot of it, actually. Ultimately, for the remainder of this week, and next week, we’ll be unraveling the news for you all. For today, let’s start with the promotional video spot for the soon-to-be released album by our very own Gouseion, titled: Puisne. Produced by Colorcubic. Yay!

Listening Pleasures Episode 21
June 29th, 2012 by Nueva Forma™

Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

After a longer-than-anticipated hiatus, we’re back with episode #21 curated by Wolfe+585. This is a summer soundtrack, a vindication of love, an expression of heartbreak. Despite the description, it’s still a poppy, upbeat mix featuring artists such as Cant, Keep Shelly in Athens, Class Actress, Selebrities, The Bear and The Sea, and more.

No. Track Title Artist
01 What About Love Nueva Forma
02 Our Own Dream (Blackbird Blackbird Remix) Keep Shelly in Athens
03 Fleeting Romance DannielRadall
04 Simple Minds Summer Heart
05 Limousine Class Actress
06 Forgotten (Teeel Remix) Selebrities
07 Brooklyn Sunburn (Brothertiger Remix) Teen Daze
08 A Gift Nueva Forma
09 Omamori Elite Gymnastics
10 Believe Cant
11 The Pull High Places
12 Like Water Brothertiger
13 Sandblonde The Bear and The Sea
14 Lemondrop (Teen Daze Remix) André Obin
15 No Love Nueva Forma
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Podcast: Download (61.1 MB) 48:03
Listening Pleasures Episode 20
February 28th, 2012 by Nueva Forma™

Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

Curated by A Gap Between, Episode 20 is like a long-due vacation, if only a short one. Straight from the horse’s mouth:

This particular episode is a soundtrack for an imaginative getaway from the dregs of stress and heartache. And although I probably can’t break away from my routine anytime soon, I think this mix will certainly allow for a great escape in and of itself. I hope it provides the same escape for you.

No. Track Title Artist
01 I’ve Got A Little Wrinkle Nueva Forma
02 Sincere Serene Underwater SeaCreatures
03 Terminal Seat Big Spider’s Back
04 Summer Nightrunner A Gap Between
05 4Runner DRE∆MS
06 Pepper Stephen Farris
07 Goodbye Teeel
08 The Technology Of Performance Nueva Forma
09 Proud Of You Atlantic At Pacific
10 Head Over Heels (The Bear & The Sea remix) Vindahl
11 Drifting on By Kyson
12 Notworthstanding IG88
13 Lifeline Cru The Dynamic (feat. Little Star Dweller)
14 1.4.J.D. AdamBómb
15 Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Go To Sleep (Balam Acab remix) Pink Priest
16 Will They Ever Come Back? Nueva Forma
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IG88 – A Loom & Not Me
February 20th, 2012 by Nueva Forma™

IG88 - A Loom & Not Me

Sometimes, we want sound — bleeps, burps, squawks, zips, static, clicks –- and sometimes we want the kind of auditory sensation that swells our brain and dead-weds us to the measure. Sometimes we want a damn guitar.

Most of the time, we want it all.

With A Loom and Not Me, IG88′s first release with Nueva Forma, our ears give praise. Collaborator Jenni Potts grabs your hand from the start and grounds the album throughout in a way that only a balletic, weightless voice can. Intentions of a Dart Frog is a projectile, kinetic jam that won’t let you go. Bed of Stars enter just in time with the titular track to tie you up into a ball and bounce you on into the second half of things.

Then there are the brilliant clusters of abounding space in between until Coughing on Syrup Shores clangs around in your jellied head like the guts of an arcade game and spits you back out like a contraband nickel that’s just had the ride of its life. Listen for flux, for soul, for willful racket. Listen for it all.

Del Dot – You Can Play These Songs With Cords
January 10th, 2012 by Nueva Forma™

Del Dot - You Can Play These Songs With Cords

If you permit Del Dot to reel you in, you’ll come ear to ear with a limitless world of interplanetary racket and neon whimsy. Dippy spirit reigns in the quick, 6-track You Can Play These Songs With Cords, where pliant, happy beats shimmy, clack, thump, and twine with the first-string noise of right where you sit.

In the doozie Shedd View, Del Dot leaves the TV on during an electrical storm, and lets the characters of his voltaic opera clap it out. There are times you’ll be totally zoned out on the pacifying racket, and suddenly everything will gather force and you’ll be moving, with wired purpose, to a song you like. You won’t know whether you’re listening to a cosmic change in the weather or if you’ve stomped head first into a party you’ll never leave.

When Del Dot says goodbye with Won’t C U Again, your heart falls a little bit. It’s like you’ve backslid into the last scene of a heart-bending film, unwitting. The beauty bumps up against that tender spot where all emotion swells and fades out of your attention with a parting twinkle, the loose glitter and amorphous gurgle of a gasping baby star, until he finally says his last goodbye with a wink and a nod. To assure you that nothing is too serious or more important than the bobbing of one’s head.

Miori Teaser 3
January 10th, 2012 by Nueva Forma™

Miori promo still

Once again, Miori graces us with another vibrant teaser for his upcoming sophomore release. Be sure to subscribe, and keep a watchful eye for more delicious visuals to come.

Pinscape, Sundaze, Sucker For Lights at Rotture
January 7th, 2012 by Nueva Forma™

Pinscape at Rotture

Join us this Sunday at Rotture to hear Portland’s shoegaze revivalists, including our very own Pinscape! See you there.

January 8, 2012 at Rotture
315 SE 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97214
$5 at the door / 21+


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