Listening Pleasures Episode 17
August 12th, 2011 by Nueva Forma™

Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

It’s been a little while since the last Listening Pleasures as we’ve been gearing up for our second volume of our label compilation, Nueva Forma Social Club. This episode of listening pleasures is definitely an ode to our love of hip hop, grime, heavy beats, warm bass, and a nostalgic backdrop that’s a perfect soundtrack to the remainder of this beautiful summer. And with some wonderfully bucolic and nostalgic beats from The Bear & The Sea, A Gap Between, and Masmöd, along with some beautiful gems from Datahowler, Galapagoose, Big Spider’s Back, and a plethora of others, you’re sure to enjoy the hell outta this episode. So cue up your stereo, and bump some Listening Pleasures from here to the coast.

No. Track Title Artist
01 Let’s Take A Trip Nueva Forma
02 I Used To Love H.E.R. (The Bear & The Sea Remix) [Nueva Forma] Common Sense
03 Midnight Sun Galapagoose
04 De Platicas Incompletas Beatcasso
05 Neon Beams (Dibiase Remix) Take
06 Minus 613 OL
07 Senorita Actress
08 Half Empty Futuristic
09 Fall In Love (Chief Remix) Slum Village
10 A River Entered The Classroom Nueva Forma
11 Blaster [Nueva Forma] A Gap Between
12 Fleur Sepalcure
13 Prophet Datahowler
14 R.I.P. Robin The Cat Cosmic Sound (Stephen Farris)
15 Laughing Stock [Nueva Forma] Masmöd
16 Ode To Bear Mount Kimbie
17 Rooney In Space Solderboy
18 Mind Grapes [Circle Into Square] Big Spider’s Back
19 Run Up To Canada Nueva Forma
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New Release: Delicate Glitch by iameb 57
July 11th, 2011 by Nueva Forma™

iameb 57 - Delicate Glitch (EP)

A glitch at its most basic is an intrusion into expectation. Such is the world of iameb 57’s sophomore release for Nueva Forma, Delicate Glitch. At once hard and biting, soft and lush, dark and impenetrable, bucolic and bright, the five-track EP is as intricate as its name suggests. These are the stylings of Jimmy Batista, who works brilliantly in the world of contrast. At the core of each track is a head-bobbing mid-tempo dance pulse perfect for late night summer mixes; the pads are luscious, the bass tones warm and inviting. Built on this is a precise balance of urban static, post-digital glitch, and minimalist melody that holds a cracked mirror up to the cuts he produces.

As we expected from his music after the release of Tipsy Hax last August, iameb 57 has become an intriguing writer of melodies. His skeletal leads leave much to the imagination, a fair accomplishment considering the ability of digital artists to become omnipotent over-writers. Check out the emotive sparsity of the strings on “Thelpwe” to hear how much he can say with so little.

Batista in general has a more concise approach to style in this offering. Where Tipsy Hax was more sprawling as he explored every color and option of the IDM idiom, he is here dialing into a recipe of composing that suits him well. He has distilled himself into an intimidating potency on Delicate Glitch, and this twenty minutes of bliss bodes well for his followers.

You can purchase the album exclusively on Nueva Forma’s Bandcamp.

Listening Pleasures Episode 16
May 25th, 2011 by Nueva Forma™

Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

Listening Pleasures Episode 16 has finally arrived. Curated by our very own iameb 57, episode 16 promises to be a very energetic and glitchy party mix. And with summer just around the bend, we thought that it would be appropriate to really get the party started. So dial up that Meyer sound system, and blast your neighbors ’til kingdom come. The party starts now.

No. Track Title Artist
01 The Purpose Of A Party Nueva Forma
02 Cheated LOFI [Amenorea] iameb 57
03 xt10.20zp9 [Illphabetik] Access to Arasaka
04 Pay For What [Bedroom Research] Himuro
05 krupp [Chillosphy Music] Kritical Audio
06 Threety-Thir [NON-Label] Autemu
07 roke nip [Amenorea] iameb 57
08 Shedd View [Nueva Forma] Del Dot
09 ripriotrah [Crazy Language] Ralp
10 Polygon Pusher (iameb 57 Remix) [Nueva Forma] Masmöd
11 Fun Together Nueva Forma
12 Berr [Nueva Forma] Creta
13 Humor Me (Short Edit) [Nueva Forma] Lapse
14 versuch8 [NON LABEL] Abreaktor
15 Picture Of Me [Section 27] Ysik
16 Pappon [Bedroom Research] Mormo
17 Lake Winnibigoshish 3 [Amenorea] Krakenti
18 insten [Envsiagae] Nukua
19 Thank Your Host For The Good Time Nueva Forma
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Listening Pleasures Episode 15
April 7th, 2011 by Nueva Forma™

Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

The sun is starting to make regular cameos here in Portland, which makes us look forward to summer an awful lot. Consider episode 15, then, a fast forward into our hotly-anticipated season, one that features an unreleased minimal techno track by Nueva Forma’s cloudburst, as well as a variety of other sweet, dancey tracks curated by Wolfe+585.

No. Track Title Artist
01 Old New Sounds Nueva Forma
02 Hoola Hoop Reii
03 Dulce Kate Simko
04 I Say cloudburst
05 Nightdrive With You (Tesla Boy Remix) Anoraak
06 In For The Kill (Heartbreak Remix) La Roux
07 A Puff Of Logic Nueva Forma
08 Me & U (Gouseion Remix) Cassie
09 Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover) Chromatics
10 Looking At The Stars Sally Shapiro
11 Nightspacer Steffi
12 I’m A Part Of It AOKI Takamasa
13 Oh, That Was Easy Nueva Forma
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Common Sense – I Used To Love H.E.R. (RMX)
March 17th, 2011 by admin™

Common Sense - I Used To Love H.E.R (The Bear & The Sea remix)

The Bear & The Sea delivers a hot new remix of the wonderful and nostalgic Common Sense cut, I Used To Love H.E.R.

A wonderful contribution and execution by The Bear. He totally compliments the original by opening you up to the possibilities of rediscovery and nostalgia from the early – mid 90s, (which was a wonderful decade for hip hop).

Enjoy, and get your download on!

Listening Pleasures Episode 14
March 8th, 2011 by Nueva Forma™

Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

Episode 14 is curated by the ever-eccentric Creta. About his mix, in his own words:

After The Bear and the Sea killed it with his latest podcast, I knew I had to up my game. I pulled some gems out of the past and mixed them with a few newer tracks I’ve been digging and came up with this nice little podcast. From the minimal techno of Zofa to old-school IDM from Planet Boelex, the digital beauty of MHV and the organic ambience of Paq, this mix is a journey into possibilities.

No. Track Title Artist
01 The Reputation of Dr. Erroneous Nueva Forma
02 radiohead remyx 404notfound
03 Kraeacktor Sk’p
04 Cycless Zofa
05 Carosello Paq
06 Gossimr (III) Creta
07 Planet Bee Planet Boelex
08 The Machine Has Started Nueva Forma
09 Bedrijf Jonas the Plugexpert
10 Selfish Enabl.ed
11 Vertebral c. in. MHV
12 Wind Turbine Masmod
13 June Kearley
14 Final O’Daniel
15 What Is Going To Happen Next Nueva Forma
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Listening Pleasures Episode 13
January 26th, 2011 by Nueva Forma™

Monthly podcast: Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

A Gap Between - Neon Signs

Blackbird Blackbird - Hawaii (The Bear and The Sea remix)

Episode 13, promised two days ago, arrives a wee bit late, but hopefully the lovely tunes will make up for our tardiness, and not to mention, the two awesome free tracks by A Gap Between and The Bear and The Sea. Things have been crazy here this month, albeit a productive kind of crazy, and that’s the way we like it, for the most part. It’s probably why Wolfe+585 opted for the kind of mix that one could most certainly relax to (and sometimes even dance to), all of which could be described as a sort of squishy, nostalgic bliss.

No. Track Title Artist
01 You Don’t Emit Energy Nueva Forma
02 Platypus, Yo The Bear and The Sea
03 Neon Signs
[ Download track ]
A Gap Between
04 Deuxentun Recue
05 Letropa Pinscape
06 Midi Drift Games
07 Bored Games Wild Nothing
08 Oooh, Ah, Oooh Ah Nueva Forma
09 Hawaii (The Bear and The Sea remix)
[ Download track ]
Blackbird Blackbird
10 Night Owl Stephen Farris
11 Sands Strutting to the Oceanic Call Pèninsolar
12 Phon Del Dot
13 Low Rate Ebbing D-Fried
14 Run Out Memory Tapes
15 Dunes Persona La Ave
16 Kompa The Abbasi Brothers
17 That Wasn’t Very Clever Nueva Forma
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New Release from Creta (Formerly White Car)
January 13th, 2011 by Nueva Forma™

Creta - Closing the Doors of Perception

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

We’re kicking off the New Year with a new album by Creta entitled Closing the Doors of Perception. Formerly known as White Car, Creta was the first artist signed to Nueva Forma. We therefore find it only fitting to start the year at the beginning. As an album, the hour-long offering has nine of the sweetest glitched-out, source-material-pulverizing, groove-minded, crooning tracks we’ve heard in a long time. With samplings as divergent as a Langston Hughes poem and an internet pop-up ad, it’s no wonder how Creta got his reputation for being notoriously restless. We love it because we never know what to expect. You love it because no matter what it is, it’s always on point. Forget what you know or how you perceive him. Grab the album on for the new gestalt.

KONTRAST event at Ziba – February 4th
January 10th, 2011 by admin™

KONTRAST event logo (click to enlarge)

KONTRAST event partners (click to enlarge)

Venue generously provided by Ziba (click to enlarge)

Ziba auditorium (click to enlarge)

Ziba auditorium (click to enlarge)

Ziba auditorium (click to enlarge)

Ziba auditorium (click to enlarge)

KONTRAST is a Nueva Forma curated, audio / visual electronic music event.

Ziba Auditorium
810 NW Marshall St. (corner of NW 9th & Marshall; side entrance)
Portland, OR 97209

Feb. 4, 2011: 7 PM – Midnight
Free; All Ages
Free snacks, beer, and wine provided

We see our mission with the concert series as three-fold. First and foremost, we would like to see creative electronic music move away from cramped clubs and into more eclectic and ornate settings where the artistry of the medium can be better explored and appreciated. We feel that Portland is an emerging experimental and creative hub in the art world and …are doing our part to expand the boundaries of electronic music, meaning not just what you hear but how you experience it.

Beyond this, we are a label of forward-thinking designers with an eye for greatness in the visual realm. We are therefore, along with our sister graphic design firm Colorcubic, looking for ways to best integrate this passion into the concert experience. We are currently lining up spaces with projection capabilities and seating that are conducive to the full a/v aesthetic experience.

Finally, but most importantly, we’ve seen a downward trend in the once ubiquitous nature of electronic music in Portland, Oregon. With Kontrast, we are hoping to make the genre once again more accessible by hosting (potentially) bi-annual events throughout the city. This first event will be hosted at Ziba design, in their auditorium, Friday, February 4th 2011

As the inaugural launch of this event, there will be no cover charge. There will also be food and drinks, but seating is limited to 175 people in the auditorium. There is additional space in the Ziba cafeteria, which holds an additional 100+ people. So please only RSVP if you’re serious about attending.

KONTRAST event partners:


KONTRAST event performing artists:

[We'll be updating our list of performing artists and additional event partners throughout the week. Please check back regularly for more details.]

Designed by: Colorcubic™